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Review: Advance Photo Express

Beautifully illustrated a christmas photo for me and it turned out fantastic. I liked it so much that I had it enlarged A2 size,considering I initially went in to have my driving licence photos taken. Cool shop that sells frames and accessories well as printing and ID photos service. Will be back!! Thanks

Reviewed by Nabila Reddy yesterday

Review: Bright HR

Just new to the software. Very easy to use and the staff are very helpful. Highly recommend. Just had a welcome call from Gareth who was really helpful and informative.

Reviewed by stephen mcclements yesterday

Review: May Day Cars

This is our go-to Cab Company, best service. Always get you to places you need to get.

Reviewed by Nick Banduch yesterday

Review: Electroplum And Property Services

Took my money then vanished .. cowered

Reviewed by Mark Longstaff on 07/12/2023

Review: Newbury

AVOID AT ALL COSTS Sit down and take time to read my review because it will save you hard earned money sanity and your time take note of the name DAVID QUINT SALES BLOKE WHO HOME VISITS TO QUOTE AND TAKES YOUR MONEY under no circumstances use this terrible rip off spamming company they rip off elderly people with a promise to deliver so called re conditioned stairlift which turned out to be non existent as my parents never saw the unit over a two day failed installation with the so called installer never fitting anything past the first two stairs they drive non sign written old silver Mercedes vans he took 2 hr lunches on my parents drive spent more time going back and forth to get parts let’s face it it was never a unit if it ever existed ! it gets better my father is fully disabled and 86 my mother is 82 with Parkinson’s he saw an opportunity to rip them off I met him and he couldn’t even look me in the eye funny little man I saw no reason to doubt what he was selling so left my parents who are able to make financial decisions to make the final decision it’s a stairlift whatever could go wrong well everything from day 1 install to now they couldn’t get the stairlift parts to work basically a pile of S*** after 2 days my dad had enough and cancelled the order they promised a return of his deposit because they hadn’t installed it and we thought ok that’s all done but no . No refund over 40 phone calls later and not once was DAVID QUINT AVAILABLE always busy or out of office excuse after excuse regarding no refund you name they said it I got involved and my husband again excuses this pathetic little man can’t even have the cobblers to face up to his promises over the phone as he knows HE RIPS OFF THE ELDERLY AND REFUSES REFUNDS FOR FAULTY GOODS 5 weeks and stress now my parents solicitors are involved the bank is doing a charge back and have taken up my parents case I have informed trading standards with a comprehensive report and have accessed my social media platforms to make people aware of this scamming company even a visit to their showroom or a unit with a door and no answer as they couldn’t answer or face to face contact just proves what shoddy outfit they are I had to give 1 star because zero wasn’t an option please please do not use this company use a well known major company who are synonymous with stairlifts as they are genuine with guarantees and simple terms and conditions this company refer you to their terms and conditions what a joke zero legally binding and a letter my father received told him to go citizens advice bureau ? AVOID AT ALL COSTS THIS SCAMMING COMPANY WITH A LITTLE SALES MAN WHO SEES OPPORTUNITIES TO RIP OFF ELDERLY INFIRM OAPS REMEMBER THE NAME DAVID QUINT DO NOT GET TAKEN IN AVOID AT ALL COSTS AND WALK AWAY

Reviewed by Sarah Mathews on 07/12/2023

Review: T2 Espresso

My daughter was charged £7 !!!!!!!!! for a bottle of water and a face mask today (December 2023) when she was ill. Disgraceful - shame on you.

Reviewed by J B on 07/12/2023

Review: Alpine Windows

These doors have made a hugh difference not only in looks but keeping the cold and drafts out Would use them again

Reviewed by John Gregory on 07/12/2023

Review: McAfee Customer Support 0122-739-2030 UK

this is a fake number! do not call!

Reviewed by a hannah on 07/12/2023