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Welcome to Tantra Massage Midlands, place of absolute Peace Quiet and tranquillity.

Tantra massage and tantra Erotic Massage as developed by Andro Rothe 1975 Berlin intended to satisfy a very simple reality: FREEDOM and LIBERATION largely by having us return to self, to the simplicity of our natural human condition.

THE BODY is naturally pleasurable , free and with no sense of time or space always in a YES. always HERE-NOW. If the body is up the mountain it will not behave the way it behaves in the deep sea or in the desert and vice verse.
THE MIND on the other hand is never HERE-NOW. Judging and criticising addicted to ideas and concept, mind, takes delight in making our lives a misery. Conflict is mind's sweetest thing. For many of us the more we struggle to have some pleasure and get some form of happiness in our lives the more we seem to face disappointing result. Mind is high maintenance, kick to forget about the positive and very slow in letting go of the negativity.

The Zen, Tantra Tao say that problems and conflict as the mind (thoughts) itself come and go. If not appropriated the so called problem is over otherwise the mind plays with it and often stores it up for later in form of memory. Once loaded the body signals the need to let it all go. Stress, tension, depression, which can lead to other complex diseases and illnesses verging from heart conditions, impotence, inability to conceive naturally, drug and alcohol abuse, eating disorders and addiction to porn are all examples of well recognised phenomena common of our times and our increasingly westernised world. In our tradition we view this as mere warning signs that something is not running smoothly.

Given this realisation Andro Rothe a Zen monk follower of the TAO, ZEN and TANTRA traditions introduced Tantra Massage and Tantra Erotic Massage as the art of touch with self realisation, self development and liberation at the core of its methodology .

The massage offer the opportunity and the space which in safe environment of no judgement, awareness and freedom people can recognise and welcome basic human nature. Recognising the simplicity of a body perfected by its full capacity of being joy-pleasure and of staying in joy, is about taking full control of the direction we allow our mind to travel if at all.

Mind can go a 1000 miles but the body is heavy with tension, tired with stress and sleepless nights. Doctors are now advising people to have sex at night as a way of improving sleep. But many have given up on that, often frustrated with an intimacy that is more of a compulsion and a shore than a celebration of beauty-pleasure.

Tantra massage points to the imbalances caused by our addiction to repressive behaviours and to intellectual pleasures dictated by the way of the mind and social-cultural conventions. When body touch is offered within a framework of self development the possibility of balance in all aspects of our lives arises. We have been brought up in a way that is not working in many regards, some cultures offer alternative ways. They are a bliss we can try experiment adapt and learn from. Unless we overcome our fear and the idea that our way is the right way we shall remain victims of a moral system that served its purpose in the past but is nevertheless outdated and oppressive.

Tantra Massage alone ill not cure our tendencies. We must see the massage as a golden opportunity to question and put our ways to the test. Many have and their courage have taken then to encountered innate, pure, peace and silence.
The tranquil perfect harmony is a form of meditation that one falls into by the tantra massage itself. Tantra massage uses the body to direct the mind back to the delight and the bliss of stillness the presence and awareness of Here Now. The joys of body cell free from mind. Mental games and mind activity collapse as the body becomes the mirror of our true nature.

Erotic Massage RESUME.

Erotic massage a tantra massage that massages the primary erogenous zones of the body formed by the Inner gluteus, Prostrate, Lingam, Yoni, and the mouth.
-The massage is given on a mattresses on the floor.
-Shower is compulsory
-The body is invited to respond to touch open and spontaneously. There body is always right so please let it be. -Surrender.
-Traditionally the massage must be given fully unclothed
-The practitioners massages with her own elbows, knees, feet, hands, chin, forehead, chest bone, shoulders, fingers, toes, pelvic bone. This is not an extra or shakti Verah's invention. The massage has been developed by Andro Rothe after years of research and well tested skills.
-Tantra erotic massage is extremely beautiful in presence of respect and unconditional appreciation of our skills.
- Regardless of the way people perceive Tantra massage our massages will remain sealed by honour and self respect.
-Take this as an opportunity to melt and disappear.
State if you want a massage for a) relaxation which is massage with no b) Meditation skills and no c) Self Enquiry skills. B+C require no massage and must be requested specifically.

The only way is to understand the body as the tantras do:
Body is energy
Primordial energy is in all living form
Primordial energy is sensual energy energy of creation which exist in all living form ( humans, water, stones, plants etc). The west has limited understanding of creation. the westernised mind places humans separate from the " rest" and above the rest.
Tantra is no dualistic. There is only here& now. Therefore whatever the way here now is manifested its always perfect.

All of this will become second nature to you during your massage session with Shakti Verah.

See you soon 07766890825

Erotic Sensual massage, Tantra Massage how and what and when:.

Andro Rothe method was radical; it wants out with what is not natural and in with what is nature. His Tantra massage form a structure of support and rediscovery of our human truth.
Instead of reinforcing fear in perpetuation of anxieties people are offered the skill and the opportunity of welcoming one's individual duty and responsibility to be life, be peace, love, happiness ... joy.

The west developed the idea that our body is merely sexual and therefore sinful. Three thousand years the East decided that the body is transient, serves to facilitate our human expression. The body is perfect and not separate from nature. It is born to live and reproduce and at some point dies. Our duty is to understand the truth and the nature of the vital forces that animate our body. Prior to the arrival of Western ideas the East celebrated and adorned the body with beauty, developed diets, Yogis, remedies that encouraged harmony in the body, perfected tantra lineages and meditation to suit different individual temperaments . The Western idea that one measure fits all is much younger (2013 years) than the celebration of diversity and the mightiness of Unique Self developed five or six thousand years ago by the Tantras .

Andro recognised that a) the genuine understanding of Self had been lost. b) the West had totally lost ownership of their bodies. c) fear and anxiety dominated over pleasure. d) the west was not familiar and had no knowledge of the sensual erotic anatomy of their own bodies . e) the west had a narrow and limited view of their bodies which is wrongly assumed to be sexual and almost limited to sex.

In order to return awareness to the diversity of our human body the massage seeks to offer a non sexual touch by keeping within the vastness of sensuality and erogenous pleasure. As to ensure respect and the integrity of the massage and of the giver and receiver of the massage Andro has also developed well tested rules with clear boundaries.
1- the giver of the massage is not a receiver
2- the receiver of the massage is not a giver.
3- the massage is done on a mattress on the floor.
4- both giver and receiver remain fully unclothed through the massage.
5- Despite the close contact between giver and receiver there is no mutual touch .
6- the whole massage must remain free of sexual content which of course is generated by mental attitudes, believes and social attitudes.

Should signs of sexual behaviour transpire the giver is trained to redirect the receivers attention back to the sensual and erotic sensations and surrender the blissful stillness of their mind.

Should the receiver persist in violating this non sexual rule the giver has clear instructions to STOP the massage (in case of violation through touch or suggestive language) or gradual conclusion in case of trauma ( sound by lack of interest, detachment, apathy). Such behaviour is counter productive and unhelpful for all parts concerned:
a) The massage is to offer the opportunity for one to approach their body in a non bisexual way. The massage is to give the receiver and opportunity of discovery of purely physical pleasures and sensations the energetic reality we have been discouraged from by norms upheld by our cultures and societies.
b) the massage is to expose the offer side of fear and anxiety. Sex people regard as individual pleasure is non the less an over subscribes and relentless reinforce almost fanatic behaviours promoted and well exploited in the west. The prohibition of sex and the promotion of sex serve the same end: create a false sexuality people follow because its on public domain not because its something unique , private, exclusive to their individual selves, and authentic moments.
7- The receiver of the massage is free to express all forms of emotions. Andro makes clear that Tantra massage is not about controlling emotions , moralising or perpetuate fictitious forms of pleasure. The massage is to offer an opportunity where people are free to experiment with their own pleasures and sensuality.
a) there is nothing special, unique, extraordinary about an erection or orgasm. It will happen to some and will not happen to others. The practitioner is not to force, aim, prevent, predict any outcome of the massage. The body is absolutely free to respond to the massage in the way in which is natural to itself. As the body bleeds if cut, the eyes cry if touched the primary erogenous Zones of the body will also respond in their own unique way.


Should the receiver show signs of wanting to force an ejaculation or orgasm the practitioner is required to support the receiver in returning his/her attention back to the sensual erotic pleasure which are not dependent of erections ejaculations or orgasm.

Instead of hopping to achieve what is clearly not the intention of the body the massage keeps on directing one's attention away from the pleasures and the frustrating projection of the mind back to the rich array of pleasure and joy that our cells are when liberated from the limitations , and the constraints of our oppressive and limiting minds.

Due to the lack of understanding and the way Tantra is portrait in the UK most people regard the massage as being a sexual massage. The fact that we massage the entire body adds to this misconception. The fundamental thing is to realise that Andro departed from the Eastern approach of life which sees all things as energetic expression which is not separate from the body and what we are. To us energy touches energy. The body is sensual and erotic not sexual. Sex is an act that has the purpose of reproduction or is created with that intent. It has its place in life but is not everything where as energy is everywhere and is the form that create all form and objects .
To the west sex is everything. To the East sex is a minor aspect of our human life. Has its place but its not everything.

The idea around Tantra Massage is to return the receiver's attention and awareness to the simplicity of our energetic bodies once which is free of all titles names and norms. We do not suppress or repress in favour or against orgasm and ejaculation.

Andro decided that watch individual can interpret his or her massage according to their own limitations bias

and lenses. The practitioner has the duty to honour the massage and the space which is created for such special, sacred and unique moment. Should the receiver show indications of no respect or appreciation, the massage should STOP in self honour.

Tantra massage is unique in its method value and principles. The massage has followed old traditions of touch and of "thought" to serve us in our search for unconditional happiness.
Those who surrender will not miss such unique moment.

Contact Shakti Verah on 07766890826

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Peacequiet is fantastic! If you want to know what is to be NO mind and what is to be in that zone then call this people. They know what they are doing. This people will brake every concept you have of yourself. Verah could be a sage herself. I asked her about that. she didn't say anything only "said you and I there is no difference at all." I am confused because the massage and all but she said "do not underestimate your body. it's the temple from where Self is sensed in its entirety" surrender to that and let that manifest as you". These words are not any vulgar words. Does anyone know more about Shakti Verah . Is she a sage?

Paul Simpson - 04/07/2015 | report this review

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Tantra Massage and Erotic Healing

WHATEVER THE WAY IS YOUR WAY. Some will have it as relaxation, recreational fun, sexual healing. Other, as an opportunity for liberation and freedom from controlling and repressive mindsets. Let us know so that we meet you half way. Verah

Price: Call 07766890826

Tantra Massage and Erotic Healing

Tantra Massage and Erotic Healing

WHATEVER THE WAY IS YOUR WAY. Some will have it as relaxation, recreational fun, sexual healing. Other, as an opportunity for liberation and freedom from controlling and repressive mindsets. Let us know so that we meet you half way. Verah

Price: Call 07766890826

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