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Special Offer:   Free Kitchen Design Service

Book a free kitchen design with one of our expert kitchen designers who will create high quality images of your perfect kitchen for you to view.

Added by Alexanders Kitchens today

Review: Beauty Breeze

Best Salon in Bedford

Reviewed by Pritpal Lamsar today

Special Offer:   Siberian Larch Decking

Siberian larch benefits are an impressive dimensional stability, low cost of installation, low maintenance, high manufacturing standards, and an aesthetically beautiful timber. However, the most amazing feature of Siberian Larch is its natural resistance to decay... Siberian Larch is valued for its tough, waterproof and durable qualities. Top quality timber is in great demand for building yachts and other small boats, for exterior cladding of buildings, and interior paneling. The timber is resistant to rot when in contact with the ground, and is suitable for use as posts and in fencing. Siberian Larch's impressive density can be attributed to the place in which it grows. Siberian Larch grows in an environment that is known for its long, harsh winters and therefore the growing seasons are short. As a result of the short growing seasons, it is composed on average of 40% latewood which is considered to be significant. Latewood is denser and mechanically stronger than the opposing earlywood. Therefore, these higher levels of latewood create a floor with impressive wear resistant characteristics. Dimensions: 24 x 143 mm. and 27 x 95 / 120 / 143 mm. Available length: 2 to 6 m. Price from: £5.18 (2m)

Added by Nord Wood Timber today

Review: D P Aerials

This guy owes my partner money for a deposit still waiting after 6 months.. Promises of returning the money ... never happened... the bailiffs are going in now ,....... Do not trust him..................................

Reviewed by Stella Harvey today

Review: A & R Electrics

Terrible customer service, takes money upfront then messes you about. Contacted for American Fridge Freezer repair Samsung could not do as out of warranty. Told Richard all issues we had and the parts the Samsung engineer had specified. Told he would do it 'all in' at £170. He came and looked and took £170 up front saying that further issues he wouldn't charge labour 'only parts'. I paid him, desperate to get the fix done. He was due to come the following Thursday. Received a call Thursday saying his van had broken and he would update me. I called him the following day after no contact & he said he couldn't fit me in until the Saturday as he had to squeeze everyone else in too. Not good considering he had my cash already so I couldn't get another company. He came on the Saturday,he was in and out in 10 mins replacing one part. 2 weeks later the Freezer broke again. I rang him and he told me he would come on Monday. Called him Monday evening after waiting in all day and he said I was 'pencilled in' for that day but it would be the next day. We had an appointment, no pencilling in! He came the next day and informed me £90 for parts and claiming he was doing it at reduced cost to help out. My husband called him after work as he wanted an explanation of why the original quote hadn't included the Freezer too. He tried to say that Samsung had only told me about the fridge side but that was untrue. Accepting the explanation because we just wanted to get on, my husband asked him to come on Monday ideally or Tuesday at a push. No more communication until my husband called him on the Tuesday at 4pm asking what time he was coming. He started with his 'pencilled in' line again then changed his story to 'because we haven't paid' he had booked other people in. At no point when speaking to my husband did he ask for money to secure the booking. I suspect as we are based further away than most of his clientele that he couldn't be bothered and was happy to have got his £170 already.

Reviewed by Dianne C today

Review: Donnelly Roofing & Building Ltd

For anyone who is looking to get roofing gutters rough casting any other building repairs stay clear of this man he is awaiting trials for frauding pensioners and anyone else he can he doesn't buy material he uses what he has or gets the cheapest he doesn't finish any jobs he starts his work is terrible he is a con man and that's not his address above it's 6 Martyn street Airdrie the above telephone number is his house landline he doesn't have a yard it's his own home address any off the workers he has are all unemployed been to study building they are labourers stay clear of this wee fat ginger man

Reviewed by Claire McManus today

Review: Clearway Motorhomes

Bought a Sundance from them in June 2017. When we went to part exchange in November with another dealer it was examined and there was well established damp throughout even though it was supposed to have a habitation check.and full service when we bought it. Fought tooth and nail to get our money back . in the end we got six thousand less than we paid for it after only owning it for 6 months. Be very aware of these people. Graham is rude very unprofessional.

Reviewed by Ken BAULF today

Special Offer:   20% off


Added by Upvc Locksmiths-portsmouth yesterday