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Latest Activity

Review: Midland Tuning Company

I came in to MTC in limp mode and can drive to work without any issues. Great advise from the MTC team.I will recommend Midland Tuning Company to my colleagues and friends.

Reviewed by Rik Mac today

Review: Jacques

Sold me a sandwich what was out of date the bread was mouldy asked for a refund and he was rude and called me a laier. Always hearing bad reports about that place so be careful

Reviewed by Fred Jonea today

Review: Shivay Indian Sweets & Tandoori Restaurant

Delivering services are dreadful waited over one hour for food to arrive placed order for 1 pm now 2:20 and only just arrived food was cold so had to reheat and not Labeled won't be ordering from here again

Reviewed by Rv Singh today

Review: Chimney Repairs Caerphilly

I also had a leaking chimney removed by Caerphilly Chimney Sevices in June 2015. I had payed 2 times to get it fixed by local roofers in Caerphilly and both times it failed. These guys don't mess around scaffolding was up in 1 week and chimney down and roofed over the next day. No more leaking chimney at my house in Caerphilly Mid Glamorgan. Highly recommend these guys if you have a leaking chimney in Caerphilly Glen June 2015

Reviewed by Glen Smith today

Review: Forsyth Street Cars

Bought a MG ZT, was told it was a good runner, took it for a test drive and all seemed fine, fast forward a month and I've had the following work done to the car.... Timing belt, head gasket, thermostat, temperature controller.. Just yesterday the clutch went and now it needs a master and slave cylinder... Had to replace all the brake pads as 1 month on they are worn to pieces. Avoid at all costs.

Reviewed by Steven Conner today

Review: Elite Communications

I cant warn strongly enough to keep away from these con artists. They are seriously dodgy. Please do a search for them and reviews. You will see hundreds of reviews from people who have been scammed by them. If any good reviews appear, read them carefully and compare them with any other good reviews and Elites own website. You will soon see that the good reviews are fake posted by people working for Elite. They scammed me last week, they are scamming people every day. Do not give them money or send your items to them because you will regret it.

Reviewed by Lisa B yesterday

Review: Harry's Fish Bar

I have been using this chippy for many years, the customer service from the new owner is awful, I find her very rude and bad mannered,the rest of the staff are lovely. Won't be buying from there anymore.

Reviewed by Unhappy Customer yesterday

Review: Coral Bathrooms Ltd

Coral bathrooms has put me and my family through nothing but pain. I had found the company through a brochure, contacted the company and spoke to the owner David. I felt confident that he was going to do a 100% complete job no questions asked after he had guaranteed me that if anything were to go wrong that he would make sure that he would fix it and rest assured his company would resolve any issues. After completing the work that he had done to my upstairs and downstairs bathroom, kitchen, and conservatory I was happy until I began to notice problems. After about a month of the completion of the jobs I noticed the tiles were starting to come off the walls in my upstairs bathroom and so I contacted David numerous times and begged him with my wife literally in tears to come down and have a look at his work. David finally came back to my house and noticed that it was a problem he had to resolve so he told us that he would redo the bathroom all expenses paid for. After waiting and waiting and excuse after excuse he had finally gotten someone to do the job. About 1 year later the job had finally started, note that this was after we cried to him and called him time after time that he had finally listened to us. This wasn’t the end of our problems as he ran into issues re-doing the bathroom the man he had hired had broken some of the tiles. When tiles are made they are made in batches so they all look similar, when you go to buy the same tiles a year later you run into a different batch so the tiles we originally had were a different shade to the new tiles he ended up having to incorporate which wasn’t very appealing. Not only this but David had only replaced a few select tiles in my bathroom and the rest he left, to this day tiles are still coming loose in my bathroom and I am stuck as it will be a huge financial cost to redo the entire bathroom. The complete job took about a month, which was very difficult time as we were living in the house unlike the first time the job was done. Not much longer after this was when other problems with the work he had done started to occur. The next problem was with my conservatory, the tiles began coming up to the point where you could lift entire tiles out. So we went through the same exact process we had done the first time, basically David ignoring us. He came back to our house and had a look at the tiles and knew instantly it was a problem. After months of us trying to get back into contact with David after the initial house visit he had told us that he was going to bring someone from the Tile Master Adhesives company that supplies the adhesive that is used for the tiles to try and see what the problem was as David thought that his workers might have run into a bad batch. The representative from Tile Master Adhesives had taken samples of the product back for testing. When the results came back it was a fault of Coral Bathrooms, David had used the wrong adhesive for the tiles in our house but he tried to deny it by saying that the floor had movement so the tiles were coming off. After this news it was evident that everywhere tile work was done in our house it was going to fall apart eventually. He finally got someone to redo the job and they began to rip out all the tiles and get the surface prepped which is all they did and then left it for months until we had to get back in contact with David and his son Daniel this time and get rejected by them numerous times until they came to terms. The next problem was with my downstairs bathroom, which was the same exact process as the other two jobs he had to redo. The last problem that remained was with my kitchen and utility, by this point we were very angry and very frustrated as you can probably imagine. This job was the worst of all considering the kitchen had to be redone not once but twice. The first time the kitchen was redone it was by an inexperienced worker David had gotten who did not align any of the tiles, some higher than others, and just a complete mess. The second time the kitchen was completed fully. I haven’t even mentioned the utility room yet because David refused to redo the room after we asked him and asked him and then my family and I decided it was time to kick David out of our lives. We then proceeded to get the job done with someone we had found with our own money. Overall this was a very awful experience we had with Coral Bathrooms, the original jobs were completed in 2013 and the last of when we saw the company was July 2015.

Reviewed by Mr Nick yesterday