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Special Offer:   Spring 2016 Offer

10% off the labor cost of any project booked before the end of march 2016 with the work completed before the end of April 2016

Added by Westwood Handyman Services today

Review: Tony's Pizza

This place is vile ...... I seen a rat run across the floor and he still expected me to pay for my food and eat it.... DO NOT GO TO THIS SHITT HOLE

Reviewed by Desmond Noonan today

Review: Man Lung Takeaway

I am glad to see that this Chinese dosent serve mans lungs, .... But back on topic: this Chinese is very nice, I been going for years (witch is why I'm a fat twat) and the older lady is nice, the chef is nice but the younger lady can be a little bit hateful, but the food is fantastic , honestly can say it's the best Chinese I've ever been too, The only criticism I have is when it's busy they don't seem to handle it very well, i'm asked to give it a service rating but if I was going to rate the service I would rate it a 3*..... If I was going to rate the food I would give it a 5* ..... So it makes sense all in all to give it a service rating of *4..... This is most definitely the best Chinese food in Bury

Reviewed by Jojo Gilligan today

Review: Colourworx Scotland

Cant believe I gt my wheels as new condition for under £100 briiuant work, brilinat guys will be ac with wifes and sons cars next month thanks lads

Reviewed by Mick Hargreives today

Review: Ltd

A real pleasure to deal with

Reviewed by Mike Lowry today

Special Offer:   5% off

5% off if you mention Scoot in your booking

Added by Coaches Excetera today

Review: Chequers Revive Ltd

Needed catering done for my 30th Party. Decided to go have a bit to eat here this afternoon try there tea room then speak about it. I looked on website that said it was open until 5pm. I walked to it was 2.20pm. Walked inside to be greeted my two gentleman looking at me funny I asked it they were closed they said yes. I said on your website says 5pm. I guy laughed said av been here ten years (so assuming the owner) and I can tell you we are never open till 5pm. I showed him his own web page and he said oh well we are closed. I walked back outside shocked I had been refused service looked at there massive sign that says open till 3pm. It was now 2.30pm I phoned the number on the sign and said I was just the women who was in your sign outside says 3pm. He said listen love we have been dead and am wasting money on these burners being on so I switch everything off. I told him I had never been in there and wont be returning his response was oh well then ok aye ok. after reading there website it goes on about yes we can , no problem” , nothing is to much bother. They provide great customer service etc etc ... Well I wouldn't go anywhere near them customer service is the most important thing a business can have and word of mouth is of key importance so I hope this helps people to stay away. All of my 500 facebook friends will be told the same.

Reviewed by LAURA Mcintyre today

Review: Rubbish Clearance Streatham Ltd

I am very grateful to Rubbish Clearance Streatham Ltd for the express service they gave me the other day at my flat. I had a big sofa that I wanted to get rid of and they did the sofa disposal in just a few minutes, and on the same day I asked them to.

Reviewed by Elliot Koldman today