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Latest Activity

Review: Martin Adams

I engaged Martin Adams to paint my kitchen. I should have seen the warning signs when he arrived with dirty, paint filled brushes and proceeded to wash them in my sink without asking permission, despite the fact that there was a tap right outside the kitchen door. His work was atrocious. I counted 6 paint runs; his cutting in was non-existent with paint daubed all over cupboard edges, skirtings, switches and window sills. He even had the cheek to try and blame his shoddy work on the person who had previously painted the kitchen yet his paintwork was still tacky. This was definitely not a happy experience.

Reviewed by Mike Walker today

Review: Circuit Launderette Services Ltd

Quite honestly the whole system is flawed, annoying to used and used in a manner to steal money from students. If there is a problem with a machine they are helpful but that would mean phoning them up yourself and not just being able to let reception of your halls of residence know. Washing your clothes is made to be a complete chore as you have to top up online then go to the laundry room to activate your card code and then you can finally use the machines. But theres a minimum spend of £5 even though one wash is £2.50 and 1 use of the dryer is £1.20, so you're almost always going to have money left over on the card when you're finished using it that you can't have back, cannot take out or extract. Who knows why you can't just put in cash into a machine of any value with your card and wash your clothes like that? Probably because the company will not benefit from the free money they are receiving for no service from every single one of their customers. This is completely ridiculous when their target market are students! I can tell you right now I have to top up £5 which is a lot when I only have £20 in my account and I'm only 30p short to do my washing. That's £4.70 that they expect me to just give to them? They are such a scam and I urge that no body uses them.

Reviewed by Nikki Desai today

Review: Paint By Dave

He's worst painter in the uk by far Absolute rubbish,I used to paint push bikes as a kid with spray cans and do a better job,he wouldn't hand over the keys until I paid ,,,but once I gave him an option( wheelchair or death) he soon changed his tune and even paid me for my trouble,cheers dave,,

Reviewed by Jon Silverman today

Review: Montem Hand Car Wash And Valeting

Excellent wash. Friendly staff. Best rates and good location

Reviewed by Aatiq Khurshid today

Review: Smart Cartridges Woking

All the other repair stores I went to charged just to have a look before they even quoted a price. Thank you so much definitely recommend

Reviewed by Jane Lee today

Review: Stitches Of Bridgnorth

Was told 5 to six working days they didn't send me art work till a week later and didn't ring me for update I called them and had phone out down on me would not recommend

Reviewed by Sam Vasey today


It was great to hire SR COLOSSAL SERVICES LTD as business development company. The services good and results are excellent.......

Reviewed by Sadia A today

Review: Bamboo 8

Appalling. Sent raw chicken then told me if I dare to complain again, they will stop serving us. Food is usually really nice but on 3 occasions they got it wrong. After this disgusting service and raw chicken we will never use them again. They are not the cheapest either.

Reviewed by Rebecca McMahon today