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Latest Activity

Review: Accent Nene Ltd

Accent Nene are all about image and could not care less about tenants or their rights. Rebecca Jones refers to disabled people as mental and tells them she will blame them for anything that happens in their area and that she wants them evicted and will make sure she does so. She and Emily Barber tried to trick a tenant into signing a document without the persons knowledge that would allow them to terminate the tenancy with immediate affect. The workmanship provided to a lot of tenants is abysmal but Accent Nene still claim it is high standard. In which case why not publish it for all to see. They will harass you if you complain about them. Behind the scenes they tell their staff to ignore your complaints or requests for information and instruct their contractors to do the same. they tell tenants they will do nothing about your complaints. A bunch of crooks in my opinion. Avoid this company. This company is why social landlords should be abolished. They tried to get an ASBO against a 4 year old Autistic boy. You can read about this in the Peterborough telegraph. I ask you what decent person let alone company would do this.

Reviewed by Sam Hickey today

Review: David Taylor & Son

Andrew Taylor (son) - Unclear about charges. Poor quality work, rendering blew after 18 months, would not take responsibility for it. Charming chap until you cross him - be careful.

Reviewed by Rachel Baker today

Review: L R Brooks Chimney Services

Swept our chneys with a discount for two. Very clean and friendly. Already booked for next year.

Reviewed by Graham Elkins today

Special Offer:   Check the website for our great offers!

Added by Flat Pack Mates today

Review: Shisha Pens Direct

Excellent quality of products at the best price and service

Reviewed by Imran Karim today

Special Offer:   full winter checkup

we are offering a full service with the winter just around the corner which includes oil change, anti freeze, and a full vehicle safety check with systems diagnostic test. the labour cost for all petrol vehicles is £ parts. diesel vehicles is £75. plus parts.

Added by autotech mobile vehicle repairs testerday

Review: Tradetek Ltd

Take a WIDE, WIDE BERTH! My key got stuck in the front door. I hurriedly Googled "emergency locksmith + the name of my town" and Tradetek came first (although under a different name, I can't remember which - but their invoice definitely stated Tradetek). Similar experience as one of the reviewers. They took my payment over the phone and told me someone would be there within the hour. It then became 3 hours. And then 6. There was an emergency, apparently (I was locked out with a 2 year old, I would have thought I was an emergency myself, but hey I'm good-natured). Eventually someone came out and did the job. It had cost me a mere £154.80 and the best part of a day but at least the problem was solved. Bish bash bosh. A month later, the internal lock mechanism collapsed. Yes, you read that right - collapsed. I called Tradetek once again, assuming there would be a 12 month parts and labour warranty. They confirmed there was (yay) but they said they would need to see it for themselves, in case I or someone else had tempered with the lock (in which case the warranty would be void). See where this is going? They kindly offered to take the payment over the phone (another £154.80), which they would of course refund if they could somehow find evidence that I wasn't at fault. Now, this is pretty insulting. I might have been a pretty damn fool for getting conned the first time round, but twice... seriously? I put the phone down (after asking them to confirm that they are a sub-branch of Tradetek) and called a local locksmith. He popped in within the hour and for £80 all in, changed the entire lock (the Tradetek "engineer" had only changed the barrel and according to the local locksmith, it was the nastiest, cheapest piece of junk he'd seen). Feels like a bad dream. I hope I can prevent others from making the same mistake. The strangest thing is, if you Google "emergency locksmith + the name of my town", they are nowhere to be seen. My next stop is Trading Standards.

Reviewed by Floriane Wood today

Review: 2ush Photography

photographers arrived late to wedding bad start ... pictures were rubbish quality half heads cut off on majority of pictures would not recommend to anyone shouldn't be aloud to call there selves photographers did not even take money off the price for arriving late

Reviewed by m one today