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Latest Activity

Review: Moortown Tandoori

Ordered one starter and three main courses. The starter was as expected which was enjoyable. One of the main courses was despite its vibrant colour was completely tasteless, almost like they forgot to add the main ingredients, flavour, it was truly awful. The other two main courses tasted good. The other problem was the chapati's we ordered were stale, you could actually flake them over your meal. Very disappointing as we have ordered from here before without any problems. After today's takeaway we will be looking for an alternative eatery.

Reviewed by Mike Gilbert today

Review: Motoraid

Loved the services of MotorAid. I would highly recommend them!

Reviewed by C G Marquees today

Review: S M S Motor Company Ltd

Brought a top end Jaguar XJ TDVI from this dealer, although the car looks great had major issues immediately and the service from the dealer is an absolute disgrace. Issues are: •Major water leak •Air suspension fault which they knew about but never fixed!! •Air conditioning does not work •Advertised with sat nav, when I drove off in the car found out the disc wasn't there •All tyres were leaking air from around the alloys All in all total disgrace, SMS motors gave me a 1 month poxy warranty that isn't worth the paper it's written on, tried to get the car back to them on warranty but unless I'm willing to drive an hour to them to drop the car off that's drinking water there not interested !!! They even said "get it towed to us" at my cost ?!? Also never put a new MOT on it and apparently it's had a full service from them although the cars service light is on !!!! So I'm now left with a £8000 Jag that's got major issues and now one to help, so I'm paying myself and getting it sorted personally as its not going back to they Cowboys, there warranty is not applicable anyway so stuff them. My advise !!! And I'm an honest guy, steer well clear !! Shop elsewhere and make buying your car an enjoyable experience as it should instead of it being a nightmare You have been warned........ REB

Reviewed by Richard beddard today

Review: The Website Design Group

I was searching for two weeks for a company who will build my new website after reading plenty of reviews and getting quotes from different companies I choose a 1to1 web design group they have competitive prices and great reviews. Once they begin to work on my new website I knew I choose the right company. My new website was built within a few days and results far exceed all my expectation. very quick with responses to all my questions and demands keeping me informed during all process. Excellent professional service and great value for money I'm looking forward to SEO with these guys. Great job Guys can't wait to see my site on google first page. If you looking to build a great new website not need to look further this company is real deal Fast professional and great value for money.

Reviewed by David Brown today

Review: Porkys Family Butchers

Last week I called in to this particular butchers and asked if they had any free range chicken, The gentleman behind the counter replied that he will take a look out back. Two minutes later he returned with an unwrapped chicken (which struck me as a bit strange at the time but whatever), he told me it was free range, wrapped it up and sold it to me. Today I walk into the very same butchers "Have you got any free range chickens?" His reply: "No sorry, we don't sell free range chicken." They sold me a regular chicken and told me it was free range! Unbelievable! I only eat free range because it's healthier for you and the chickens are free to roam instead of being crammed into a tiny space. But the thing is if they can lie about their chickens being free range what else are they lying about? Is that really beef in that sausage or is it horse meat? Do you all remember the amount of supermarkets and butchers that were caught selling horse meat products? They weren't all caught. Many, many butchers got away with it. What if this is one of those butchers? And as if eating horse meat isn't bad enough for an adult, how many people are feeding their children with the meat from this butchers? Shop at this butchers at your own foolishness.

Reviewed by Disgusted Disgusted today

Review: The Messenger

other than the girl behind the bar who was polite there seems to be a number of different people coming and going from the kitchen, we waited 40 mins for food although the place only had 8 people in chips were burned and meals which were only two of them came out ten mins apart,

Reviewed by covingham swindon today

Review: New Essays Uk

All my guidelines and specifications were followed by your writer and every single requirement observed carefully... I would like to say that your amazing service amazed me and from now on I will give all my academic writing orders only at your service.

Reviewed by Samarita A today

Review: Cash Generators

Bought an iPhone 5 from them on Amazon. Battery/hardware and charging issues render it simply unusable. Battery life rapidly decreases from 100% to nothing in a few hours and once dead it will not power on for hours. I decided to see if I could get along with it but they refused a refund after the 30 day period. This is fair enough but there was no mention of the issues in the advert and had I known I would not have bought it. I am forced to either put up with it or sell it and likely lose money doing so because I am not a dishonest or misleading seller.

Reviewed by James Dyble today