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Latest Activity

Review: Waste Removal Battersea Ltd

I called Waste Removal Battersea Ltd. for help when I was trying to find some photos in my loft for an important project, but had too many useless items in the way. I marked them all and had the collectors do the loft junk disposal. They did it in a very efficient manner that did not make a mess.

Reviewed by Justine Chambers today

Review: Cleaners Croxteth

This was the fourth time we used Cleaners Croxteth in the past 2 years and they didn't disappoint. The cleaning team arrived on time and did wonders. Although I was a bit concerned about the cost, it was totally worth every penny to see the whole house sparkle.

Reviewed by Alex Elliott today

Review: Waste Removal Chiswick Ltd

I hired Waste Removal Chiswick Ltd. to handle the office clearance when we moved the office to the new building and still had some rubbish that needed taking care of. They were great, did the work in a few minutes and left after they got paid. Simple and efficient – just the way I like my services.

Reviewed by Adam Evert today

Review: Waste Removal Camden Ltd

I was having trouble navigating about my house what with all the rubbish getting in my way. I don’t even remember where I got half of it. But I finally decided to take action and called Waste Removal Camden Ltd.. They arrived promptly and ready to work, and the rubbish clearance took all in all half an hour.

Reviewed by Yvonne Carlson today

Review: Yaddlethorpe Chinese Takeaway

This food is excellent. Tried many others in Scunthorpe but none as good as this one. Introduced friends who are now converts. The spare rib is to die for.

Reviewed by helen stead today

Review: Waste Removal Kensington Ltd

Waste Removal Kensington Ltd was the company responsible for the office waste clearance yesterday and the bosses are still talking about the good work they did. Now the place really looks roomy – they did a wonderful job.

Reviewed by Karen Oswald today

Review: Waste Removal Balham Ltd

Sometimes it’s better to just relax and don’t think about all that junk. That’s the way of thinking that had me end up with a landfill of a home. It was utter chaos everywhere and I could not stand it anymore. I researched the helpful companies in town and called Waste Removal Balham Ltd over for help. Their property clearance team did some great work and just waited for me to mark objects which they immediately took away. Now my house actually looks nice and a good place to live in.

Reviewed by Benjamin Miles today

Review: P & D CB Amateur Radio Supplies

great service and top quality radio gear great prices better than the fleabay sites

Reviewed by john scott today