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Latest Activity

Review: T J Securities

The mannerisms of the said proprietor and engineer were terrible. Never been spoken to so horribly after asking a simple question

Reviewed by T J today

Review: Boots Head Office

This morning at 10:52 I bought a packet of Strepsils in the Boots store, Swan Walk, Horsham, West Sussex. I was able to pick them from the shelf and went to the counter specialising in medicinal products, to be served. I stood at the ‘queue point’ and waited for the customer being served to finish. The assistant dealt with the goods, the money and the customer seemed to make ready to leave but the conversation they were having continued for sometime. By this time I had been joined in the queue and had a quick word with the man standing behind me. We both agreed that the purchase was complete and these two were more interested in the talk than anything else. The assistant did not appear to be giving medical advice from what I could hear and this was a purely social conversation. She appeared to look up and across to the now lengthening queue but still carried on talking. Eventually this customer moved away and it was my turn to be served. On reaching the counter I politely said to the assistant that I thought she had given up serving. She replied pardon. I politely repeated my observation. She said, “I was having a conversation with a customer.” My response was, “Exactly and you have a queue of people here, waiting to be served.” By now there were four, maybe five people behind me. The assistant took my money, and offered me a bag, which I declined and said no more. I thanked her and left. This is yet another example of the poor service provided in this store. Staff should not be there to have a social chat as and when it suits but to serve customers as and when they need serving promptly, politely and efficiently. If the store is not busy and there isn’t a queue fair enough but at other times all customers have the equal right to expect and get good customer service. I no longer use the pharmacy in this store because assistants are rude, make inappropriate comments and are apt to have lengthy chats with acquaintances and I have complained about that before. My husband commented at the long queue at the pharmacy. Someone really needs to do some staff training at this store because I don’t see things improving! Do employees realise they work in a business organisation or do they see employment as a hobby? The success of Boots does in part rest with them

Reviewed by Patricia Perry today

Review: Fazals Restaurant

worst place i've been to in my life would not reccomend to any1. service was crap. food was crap. waste time. please take my advice and do not go.

Reviewed by Nazia Bi today

Review: Removal Firm London

They are a bit pricey but I don't really have anything else to complain about. We have an enormous amount of furniture and... stuff in general and it would be close to impossible to move without external help. The movers were great and I recommend them strongly.

Reviewed by Jess Ulrich today

Review: Donna Margherita

I like that on the website you can read about the ancient Napoli and its historical moments. The food is tasty and you feel full only after 2-3 slices. One pizza is enough if you are hungry. The ingredients are fresh and the personnel is friendly. Only some of the items are too expensive. It depends on your choice and what you want to eat for lunch or dinner.

Reviewed by Jack Field today

Review: New Road Dental

Hard to enthuse about an extraction! Professional, friendly & very well explained.

Reviewed by Colin Reeve today

Review: Lichfield Dental Care

Very helpful and explains all treatment very well.

Reviewed by Stephen Parkes today

Review: H2 Property Services

I tried to get British Gas to do this job but they repeatedly messed me about, failed to contact the tenant and failed to call me back as promised. The contrast with H2 was amazing. H2 provided very quick response and they turned up as promised and produced the safety certificate promptly. Well done and thanks.

Reviewed by Richard Lambert today