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Latest Activity

Review: Rwyth Cabs

I was once let down by Rwyth Cabs when I needed a taxi one night. I phoned them to pick me up from Asda to take me home. I later got a text back from them saying they couldn't see me. I was waiting right by the taxi rank so they must have seen me, but didn't bother to ask, or they never turned up in the first place. Either way they lied when they said they couldn't see me. If you want a p**s poor unreliable taxibservice run by liars then Rwyth Cabs is for you. Otherwise do not touch with a barge pole. I would give the below ratings -10 each but sadly I can't

Reviewed by S. W. today

Review: Keystage Recruitment Ltd

I worked for this agency on and off for 8 months to gain some teaching experience before i started my PGCE. They pay the lowest of any agency,disorganised,only have work at the worst schools,they lie to you,dont provide a full weeks work,send you to schools up to 30 miles away for half a day and only pay half a days wages so you end up with about 10 quid. After working for the company and making them money i moved to another agency and asked them for a reference.They didnt give me one and it cost me gaining various jobs Absolute joke.

Reviewed by dave smith today

Review: Donnelly Roofing & Building Ltd

My Wife contacted Rated People in October 2014 because we wanted a bay window built and the builder arranged by the window company was too busy and could not tackle the job for two months. John Donnelly contacted us came and saw the job said he could start the job within two days and finish within two weeks, He started well and a lot of work seemed to be done quickly. He never turned up the second week but we kept getting excuses ranging from burst tyres (two tyres in one week, flu, family problems) we were assured by him that while we were away for two weeks the job would be completed, we believed him, VERY STUPID. we kept getting calls from him assuring us he will complete the job while he was away from the job Building control inspected the job and condemned it for being oversized, not to building specs, to tied to the building and generally substandard they stated they would never issue a completion certificate given the standard of work. We contacted trading standards they looked at the work contacted a builder to look at it and estimate the cost of the work done (£500) took photos and they then contacted North Lanark Trading standards and he is known to them very well. Building control, Trading standards and the builder all recommended I do not let John Donnelly complete the job (if he does), This I did and he stated he would bring the unused building materials around and reimburse the difference between what we had paid and the materials plus £500. WHEN WE SEE HIM MAYBE WE WILL GET THE MONEY I FOR ONE AM NOT GOING TO HOLD MY BREATH its now been two weeks since that promise was made so he is a strong liar as well as shoddy builder.

Reviewed by John Bland-Paxton today

Review: Bar Burrito

At last! Fresh food, family friendly, relaxed ambience, excellent service, beautiful food, clean, helpful tick tick tick All the right ingredients for a great evening out! I went with my children and my eldest enjoyed Tachos, Fajitas, Jalapeno rolls...all presented with love .......highly recommend to everyone!

Reviewed by Charlotte Gordon today

Review: Gawor & Co

The 'Leasehold specialist' solicitor failed to spot discrepencies on some of the legal documents involving names. The solicitor failed to spot that the names of those occupying the property were not that of the owner, who claimed he was living there alone. A number of of other issues arose along the way. Generally the solicitor responded promptly to say she certain jobs asked of her were not in her remit. When presented with tasks that certainly were in her remit, I was met with a no response.

Reviewed by Mick Doherty today

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Added by 1st Choice Chimney sweeps today

Review: Devonshire Square Dental Studio

I came to Devonshire Square for tooth whitening and veneers and I ‘m amazed, amazed! I hardly felt a thing and although it was costly, it’s definitely worth the money for how good I feel now.

Reviewed by Noah Gonzales today

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Added by Revolution Paintwork today