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Latest Activity

Review: A Kenyon Builder & Property Repairs

I asked Anthony Kenyon for a quote. Having visited my home and made an accessment he said it would be £1,500 he then went on to say 'It might be a little more but not much'. The job went ahead undertaken by himself and his son. An old chap who I believe was called Alan did fix a couple of sheets of plasterboard which he skimmed over, this didn't take long. As the job was nearing its end Mr Kenyon said 'It's going to be another £300.' I was amazed that he wanted 20% more than his initial estimate having 'emphasised' that if there was an increase on the estimate it would only be a small one. There had been no problems with few materials used. When asked to explain he said 'It's taken longer than I thought'. I was amazed that a builder of supposed experience can make such an inaccurate estimate. He might have completed the job sooner had he not had other jobs on the go at the same time. As I had provided a key at his request I left them to it rather than overseeing the job however I returned a couple of times to find no sight of them. As for the actual job money aside it seems ok it's just the process like after day one I was left with a hole in my roof with the builder saying 'if it rains a bit of dampness is ok' Is it? There just seemed to be something of a couldn't careless attitude. My neighbour was annoyed with them as they had disturbed my neighbours plaster on the adjoining wall which although they said they would look at they didn't, In fact their comments made to me away from the neighbour were very dismissive, as if it didn't matter. I have also noticed on cleaning up a small crack in the glass of a double glazed unit through which they were throwing the waste. Ok so I don't know for certain if it was caused by them but seems strange it's only now been noticed. No I would not use their services again and neither would I recommend him as there have been too many unpleasant surprises and I am left questioning the integrity of Anthony Kenyon.

Reviewed by Steve Cross today

Review: Y 2 K Hair Design

I'm so happy with my hair they actually listen to what you want and it is such a friendly atmosphere I would recommend anybody to go here both my daughters had there hair put right after another hairdresser botched there hair up with excellent results thanks y2k 👍

Reviewed by louise clerkin today

Review: PMC of Pinner

Extremely handy to have my smashed wing mirror on the day (within an hour) due to quick delivery of parts. Would always recommend to others.

Reviewed by William Reidy today

Review: Horsin' Around

Took my boys they had a great time, the instructors were brilliant. Highly recommend

Reviewed by Ali Farrell today

Review: Greens Catering Services

We had Greens provide the food for our mum's funeral buffet. Many friends and family commented on the nice food. There was plenty and a good variety. Highly recommended. Thanks Greens.

Reviewed by Gary Law today

Review: Car Galaxy

of the month from Akif Butt, owner of Car Galaxy LTD. less than 3 weeks later, gear box failure, phoned up only to be told it cannot be the gearbox and is the clutch (they haven't inspected this car since the fault), so how are they sure it's the clutch? Maybe they had previous knowledge about the clutch being faulty? I will find out tomorrow as the car is booked into the main dealer, fault light on dash board is indicating gear box. On the phone I was told what did I expect with a car that cost £1400 and that sum was peanuts. He became very abusive and threatening The phone call was ended by him saying it's wear and tear, go F**k your mum and the phone was put down on me. Avoid at all costs, your better off spending your money elsewhere with someone more trustworthy, honest and proffesional...

Reviewed by TOR Orourke today

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Added by Kaz Psychic today

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Added by Kaz Psychic today