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Latest Activity

Review: earcandy

We've hired this Band for our last event and we couldn't be happier with how they performed. They literally kept everyone on their feet throughout the night and the next day, everyone was talking about how great they were. A+ from me!

Reviewed by Cristina Silva today

Review: Victoria Inn

My granddaughter and I liked the Victoria Inn London Hotel very much it was clean and comfortable. The staffs were very accommodating; Close to the Buckingham palace so easy access to the oxford street. it was just perfect for us. Would gladly stay again.

Reviewed by barnes john today

Review: Good Fortune Hot Food Carry Out

Changing the Future of Food Read more at: food fortune show 5% for me 90% for you having so many 4 book size ideas in all plus more i offer less for the TV show food fortune from a good selection offline touristrade money and country business money can build foreign investmentrade billions as country shops business money, country church membership money, country hotelstay business money,and british american business money etc! Hi thanks for your mail again remember i have 4 book size idea projects in your favour plus more the kinds you will like to see once given a chance and the link enclose is just a sample online others are offline keeped private for you thanks again Thanks for your message, but i have 4 book size idea project blueprints in the link are only exzamples, offline is keeped private as i am also willing to share the rolities of such a book size having many whatever you can workout let me know soonest thanks as well i included some online links that wasn,t in my last reply email below but the offline ideas are still growing in size trying to get the best selling products if by chance you know anyone that can handle such a size of ideas i will share the proceeds okay In good faith Question: how many do a book size of idea projects plus ones in ones favour... and protecting culture ideas gooday and how are you doing and the purpose of this letter is to let you know i have 3 offline book size idea projects i did in my spare time but mostly in ones favour as well as online ideastolen on the internet used only for exzamples: unemployedmenticket studienticket funding million $ visitor tickets better transportation tickets family investmentickets tourism invested tickets favoured invested tickets church members invested tickets hotelstays invested tickets sales cars invested tickets restaurant invested tickets website upgrade tickets fire station neighboure tickets these tickets builds your country 1million after 100million reaches 50million for 50payed visitors draws visitorsales with over 150million is profits I give you a "gifticket" of any favoured ideas you would like to see.... i ,m trying to locate certain places in your country that shows interest in many idea projects through newspaper classifieds can you help me out helping your economy with the right kinds of profitable ideas once seen.... Best reguard A M C Lynch york house golf club road christ church Barbados west indies Hi and i have a 3 offline book size idea projects plus online exzamples enclose here in my yahoo picture design link plus googles link but selling a 3 book size blueprint idea book can be a big seller i will wait on you Remember i have your kind of newiest projects the ones you like to see saved onto a flash drive, so the first visitor that sends for it, i will deliver it to you. these are the kinds in your thoughts the very ones you seek when doing business scrole down has alot of new idea projects it,s a googles site tell me in your next mail what kind of updates you want as i draw a exzample: lots of idea projects offline and online I give you a "test me trial"on any favoured ideas.... europian studient schooleavers... the purpose of this letter are a book size of idea projects of all kinds helping schooleaver...... notice carefully having a book size of idea projects doing what,s exspected building many countriestudient futures..... i mostly do idea projects in ones favour but spare time ideas builded offline.... when so many studients purchase a ticket over the years gathering bank interest % that can lead into the billions for future studient business......

Reviewed by Andrew lynch today

Review: The Happiness Academy Ltd

This company appears to be using my address, my telephone details, my business website and my postal address. It is not based at the craglyn address ! The Happiness academy is a joke !

Reviewed by x x today

Special Offer:   pest control

bed bugs in your call us now for the control of bed bugs

Added by Epenvironmental Pest Control testerday

Review: Home Flare Curtains And Blinds Romford

Rip off. Takes deposit and does nothing. Fraud. Con artist. Disgusting behaviour.

Reviewed by Sarah Linley today

Review: Mcilwaine Trailers

Promises not delivered, arrived to collect twice but not ready nor safe. Advise you to go elsewhere. If you do buy check it complies with the law and is safe. After alot of debate we got our money back.

Reviewed by Robert Parkes today

Review: Super Photography

fantastic job made sure all our photos were spot on. Good professional service made our special day go without a hitch!

Reviewed by Gareth king today